Urgent Message from Mr. Sanchez


September 14, 2020


Dear La Union Community,

Good news! La Union Elementary will re-open on Thursday September 17 and we will continue servicing the community once again. The test results for the employee that had been exposed, came back negative. Again, La Union Elementary will be open for business on Thursday.

All classes will continue to be delivered via Remote Learning. If you have any questions or concerns about assignments or learning concepts, please contact your child’s teacher.

Those persons who pick up student meals at La Union Elementary, can once again come to the school to get the students’ meals.

You can again call us at (575) 874-3592 if you need to report any concerns or issues, such as, student’s absence, internet or device problems, etc…


Vicente Sanchez Jr.



14 de septiembre de 2020

Estimada Comunidad de La Unión,

¡Buenas noticias! La Primaria La Unión abrirá de nuevo el jueves 17 de septiembre y continuaremos sirviendo a la comunidad. Los resultados de la persona que había tenido contacto con la persona infectada, salieron negativos. Una vez más, la Primaria La Unión abrirá de nuevo el jueves.

Todas las clases seguirán siendo presentadas por internet. Si tiene alguna pregunta o duda acerca del trabajo o los conceptos de aprendizaje de su hijo/a, por favor comuníquese con el maestro o maestra de su hijo/a.

Todas aquellas personas que recogen comidas para los estudiantes en la Primaria La Unión, una vez más pueden venir a la escuela a recoger las comidas para los estudiantes.

Pueden volver a llamarnos al número (575) 874-3592 si necesitan notificarnos de algo, como la falta de un estudiante o algún problema con la tecnología, etc….


Vicente Sanchez Jr.


Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back To School!

La Union Elementary 

2020-2021 School 


Please Read:




1. Establish routines and expectations

It is important to develop good habits from the start. Create a flexible routine and talk about how it is working over time. Plan your days into predictable segments. Help students get up, get dressed and ready to learn at a reasonable time. Keep normal bedtime routines, including normal rules for digital devices. Adjust schedules to meet do not stay up late and do not sleep in.

2. Choose a good place to learn

Designate a physical location for school-focused activities. Make sure it is quiet, free from distractions and has a good internet connection. Make sure (or try to have) an adult monitor online learning. Keep doors open (do not allow the child to be in a closed room), and practice good digital safety.

3. Stay in touch

Teachers will mainly be communicating regularly through our online platforms and virtual learning environments. Make sure everyone knows how to find the help needed to be successful. Stay in contact with classroom and support teachers (during set hours), but understand it may take some time for the teacher to respond. If you have concerns, let administration know.

4. Help students ‘own’ their learning

No one expects parents to be full-time teachers or to be educational and content matter experts. Provide support and encouragement, and expect your children to do their part. Struggling is allowed and encouraged! Do not help too much. Becoming independent takes lots of practice. At La Union Elementary, your child usually engages with other students and adults many times each day. Many of these social interactions will continue from a distance, but they will be different. You cannot replace them all, and that is OK.

5. Begin and end the day by checking-in

In the morning, you might ask:

• What classes/subject do you have today? • Do you have any assessments? • How will you spend your time? • What resources do you need? • What can I do to help?

At the end of the day you might ask: • How far did you get in your learning/assignments today? • What did you discover? What was hard? • What can you/we do to make tomorrow better?

These brief conversations matter. Make sure students understand the instructions they received from their teachers, and help them organize themselves and set priorities – older students need guidance too. Not all students thrive in distance learning; some struggle with too much independence or lack of structure.

These check-in routines can help avoid problems and disappointments later. They help students develop self-management and executive functioning, which are essential skills for life. Parents are good life coaches.


6. Establish times for quiet and reflection

For families with children of different ages, and parents who may also be unexpectedly working from home more often, it is good to build in some time for peace and quiet. Siblings may need to work in different rooms to avoid distraction. Many families will need to negotiate access to devices, priorities for Wi-Fi bandwidth and schedules throughout the day. Noise-cancelling headphones are an idea. One day a week will be for independent, low-stress learning. Reading is fundamental.

7. Encourage physical activity and exercise

Moving (independently and together as a family) is vital to health, wellbeing, and readiness for learning. It is a great opportunity to practice exercising ‘alone together’ with digital workouts and online instructors. Set new fitness goals and plan hands-on, life-ready activities that keep hands busy, feet moving, and minds engaged. You may want to think about how your children can pitch in more around the house with chores or other responsibilities. Now’s a good time to think about increasing personal responsibility and pitching in.

8. Manage stress and make the most of an unusual situation

We are going through a time of major change to our normal routines and ways of life, and there is a great deal of anxiety in the world right now. Emotions may be running high, and children may be worried or fearful. Parents may be stressed as well and children are often keenly aware of trouble. Children benefit when they get age-appropriate information and ongoing reassurance from trusted adults. We have put in place layers of support for La Union Elementary students, so please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, school counselor or Administrator if you need assistance or advice. In these circumstances, it is often possible to reframe challenges as opportunities: for spending time together, discovering new ideas and interests, investing energy and attention in activities that usually are put aside by everyday tasks and responsibilities. Experts advise that it is a good idea to slow down, find beauty, enjoy unexpected benefits, and express gratitude by helping others.

9. Monitor time on-screen and online

Distance learning does not mean staring at computer screens seven and half hours every day. Teachers will aim to build in variety, but it will require some trial and error before everyone finds balance between online and close-space offline learning experiences. Work together to find ways to prevent “down time” from becoming just more “screen time”.

10. Connect safely with friends, and be kind

The initial excitement of school being closed will fade quickly when students start missing their friends, classmates, and teachers. Help your children maintain contact with friends through social media and other online technologies. BUT monitor your child’s social media use. Remind your child to be polite, respectful and appropriate in their communications, and to follow school guidelines in their interactions with others. Report unkindness and other problems so that everyone maintains healthy relationships and positive interactions.

11. Attendance

Attendance is mandatory! If the student is not logged in by 8:00 am, the student will be marked absent for the morning part of the day. Afternoon attendance will be at 12:00 pm.

12. Grades

Pass or Fail will no longer be the grading scale. Numerical grades will be attached to assignments. All assignments are to be turned in on time, at the teacher’s set deadline. Any assignments that are turned in late will be docked points according to the degree of lateness.

2019-2020 Yearbooks on Sale!

2019-2020 Yearbooks are now on sale!!!

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