Returning Student Registration Links

This link will be for all current La Union students and any students that have previously been enrolled with the Gadsden district (including ontracks and pre-k's)

Returning Student Registration Links for 2021-2022sy English Spanish 


New Student Registration for 2021-2022

Parents, if your child will be a new student to La Union Elementary in the upcoming 21-22 school year, and has never been enrolled in our district, starting April 12, 2021 you can use the following link to register your child.

Padres, si su hijo(a) será un estudiante nuevo en la Primaria La Union, el próximo año escolar 21-22 y nunca ha estado matriculado en nuestro distrito, empezando el 12 de abril pueden usar la siguiente pagina Web para matricularlo: 


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Ms. Bustamante's Counselor's Corner


Hello everyone, please feel free to click on these links for useful tips.                                                                  

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